Amiron Ki Garibi

Shalu didi dressed in a two lac lehenga designed by Ritu Beri, decked out in various jewels, was hosting guests for her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. If anyone would have praised her for this hospitality, she would not forget to mention that this is a lehenga designed by Ritu Beri.

Why not even bother! God wrote Ars in the fate of one of the two sisters, and the floor in the fate of the other. Perhaps Neelu was associated with all the realities and morals of life because of the fate associated with the floor. Where Shalu's husband was in such a position, where Lakshmi's arrival was less from the front and more than the back door. On the other hand, Neelu's husband was a great teacher, whose salary, according to Munshi Premchand's statement, was only on the full moon day, which would turn into a new moon by the end of the month. It was fortunate that even the full moon does not take long to arrive, it would have come on time.

After the anniversary program was over, it was time for the guests to leave. Then Shalu from the crowd took Neelu's hand and took her to a room. There she pointed to a box and said to Neelu, “There are many saris I got from relatives here, which were not of my standard, so I did not wear them. Take out a little from these saris and keep it for my guests i.e. Devrani, Jethani, Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law, whatever they deserve.

Neelu was shocked. Gave so many millionaires and farewell guests with saris received from relatives? So! Big things from big people.

Neelu opened the box and started sorting the sarees. Suddenly a light-colored chiffon sari came in her hand. This sari seemed familiar to her. She took him in her hand and started looking back. Then she was surprised. He had remembered everything. She was lifting the sari and putting it on her chest when Shalu Di came into the room.

She said in trembling words, “Shalu di, this sari…” She could not even finish her word that Shalu di said, “Yes, keep this light-colored sari for Sulochana didi, she is a widow, fine for her. Will stay." Saying Shalu Di left the room.

Neelu became lifeless and sat down with the sari on her chest. His mother's face swelled in front of his eyes and his eyes became moist.

Two years ago, due to a serious illness like cancer, the mother had to live with either of the sisters, as her brother was still young. Seeing all the amenities, the mother had also decided to stay near Shalu Di. This was also justified because Neelu did not have such facilities or the staff of government servants. Also, her children were still very young.

But Neelu had come to meet her mother. While coming to meet she had brought a chiffon sari, which her mother liked very much. She was also very happy wearing a sari. Seeing her mother's happiness and choice, Neelu had couriered another sari to her as soon as she came home. But the very next day after getting the courier, the mother had passed away. She could not even wear a sari.

A few days after her mother's passing, Neelu wept and asked Shalu Di, "Didi, what did you do with that sari? Mother could not even wear it.

Shalu Di's reply was, "I donated it to Panditji at mother's funeral."

But Neelu can never forget that sari in life, which she chose for her mother for the last time. It was the same saree.

Then Shalu came into the room and started carrying each sari, to bid farewell to the guests.

Neelu, looking at Shalu Di with pity on her mother's sari, started thinking, 'Poor Shalu Di, don't know where and how many times she has become poor from her conscience, then she has got this richness.

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