Thoda Tum Badlo, Thoda Hum

Very sensitive, polite, respectful to everyone, always caring about others, Prachi was now learning to care a little about herself, or rather Prachi was changing now.

Prachi's mother-in-law was understanding this change of Prachi to some extent.

Taking a sip of tea with father-in-law, the mother-in-law said to father-in-law, “Hey, you only wanted a very smart, well-educated, employed daughter-in-law! Take a look now, what did your little smart daughter-in-law come to stay here from the city for four days, and filled the elder daughter-in-law's mind.

Prachi was listening to everyone frying pakodas from the kitchen window. Smiling Prachi came out of the kitchen carrying pakodas and a magazine in a tray and, placing the tray on the table, said, "Mother, let's eat pakodas."

The mother-in-law smiled and said, "Oh wow! Pakodas and what is this magazine? And why have you brought it decorated in such a tray?

"Oh mother, there is good news. My story has been published in this prestigious magazine today. My dear smart Devrani has revived my lost hobby. she gave me this idea. And she has also prepared my blog. From now on, along with household chores, I will also take out some time for myself, for my hobbies.

The mother-in-law picked up the magazine from the tray and again started cursing the younger daughter-in-law in her heart. But after reading the story full of beautiful thoughts with a small picture of Prachi, she smiled a little. As if that story changed her thoughts. She got up and patted Prachi on the back and said, “I am proud of my two daughters-in-law. Your story is very good. I will come after showing the neighbor Sarla, who curses her daughter-in-law's job all day long.

Prachi was filled with happiness hearing mother-in-law's words. The story written by her proved to be of 'like title and virtue'.

The title of the story was – Little you change, little we…


It is said that the pride of youth drags us into the world of illusions. 

We start dreaming. Somewhat ignorant of the ground realities, they start flaunting these dreams. Beyond the truths, they create their own completely different world and then, living in illusion, get completely engrossed in it. Vinay, who was full of self-loathing, was tormented again and again in the days of his youth by his own innocence. Meeting Deepika and then growing close to home. He was ashamed of their pious initiative and his childish thinking.

The first call was from Deepika's house. Vinay's mind was faster than the speed at which the auto was running on the road. Sitting next to Deepika, something was being said continuously. She was giving instructions to the auto driver and at the same time was cursing the department for the condition of the road. But Vinay had nothing to do with it. If the auto jumped on a pothole, he would have felt that his mind was bouncing. The auto was now passing through the streets, scooters, cycles, etc. parked at places in narrow streets would reduce the speed of the auto but it would not have any effect on the speed of Vinod's mind.

The auto stopped with a slight tremor and at the same time Deepika's voice came - 'Get down, our house has come.'

Vinay got down from the auto and stood at the door with Dipika. It took a while for the door to open, then Vinay's heart started beating. It felt as if someone was going to give an examination and also such an examination in which passing is a question of life and death. Vinay's heartbeat intensified. Wanted to ask Deepika something when the door opened, Deepika's younger sister opened the door and looked at Vinay carefully.

It seems that all the members, big or small, are going to take his test here. Both the sisters went inside after making Vinay sit in the meeting. Vinay looked around to divert his attention. Small but tastefully decorated living room, simple furniture, some paintings on the walls that might have been done by younger sister Monica.

Mother, this is Vinay. Then Deepika entered the room with her mother. Vinay stood up with folded hands. This is the time to make your mark. Vinay thought to himself.

Sitting there for half an hour, Vinay came back. When Deepika's mother asked her to come again, her mind started jumping. It means he liked them.

'Looks very happy. Where did you disappear after college today?' Deepak taunted him as soon as he reached the hostel.

But Vinay wanted to keep his happiness in his mind, for now, so he postponed it.

Just last year B.Tech. After passing the examination, he did M.Tech in this college. took admission in. Just like B.Tech. He was getting a job after doing that, but the desire of his parents was to give him a higher education.

You will not be able to study further in the interest of earning a job and money. Higher education has different importance. Accepting this statement of his father, Vinay considered it appropriate to study further.

It was here that he met Deepika who is a B.Tech. Was a final-year student. Due to both being the same subject, Deepika would sometimes take guidance from Vinay. But gradually Vinay started feeling that Deepika does not come to meet him just because of studies. Sometimes she would ask such stupid questions that Vinay would have wondered if it could be asked by a brilliant student.

Being a resident of the same place, Deepika used to come to college from her home, while Vinay used to stay in the hostel, often meeting in the college library or lawn, and Deepika would catch some topic or the other and start a debate. While talking several times, Vinay felt that Dipika Apalak was staring at him and he would get uncomfortable.

Gradually, the meeting of both started increasing, but the topic of discussion could not go beyond the current state of studies and the atmosphere of the college. Deepika had a rebellious nature and could not compromise on unreasonable talk. That's why they often got into arguments about the current situation. Where Vinay would have advised compromising with the circumstances, Deepika would have clashed with him.

This friendship of theirs gradually started being discussed in college and in a suppressed tongue, the boys along with them started teasing Vinay.

Slowly, Vinay himself could not even understand when tender feelings for Deepika took birth in his mind. But neither of them ever talked to each other in this regard. Sometimes Vinay feels that he is not getting it wrong. One moment Deepika would talk very lovingly and the next moment she would get into the debate.

'Mom wants to meet you. You are walking home with me in the evening.

Vinay got annoyed when Deepika pronounced her order in blunt words.

'What a girl. Want to take home, that too by ordering? Even before the feelings start to arise in the mind, she crushes them with her lathmar language. But despite this nature, Deepika liked him too. Clear of mind, without any lagalpet, would have spoken. Till now even Vinay did not know who was in his house. He never gave the right to ask this much, nor did Vinay wish to ask him anything about it.

'But why?'

'Tell me, mother wants to meet.'

Vinay understood that Deepika must have said something about him and mother must have called to see him. Vinay was happy in his heart. But remained calm from outside, after all it was necessary to show our importance.

'out of sudden! I would have asked myself earlier if there is any work for me in the evening.

'If there is work, let it be, next time I will tell my mother after taking time from you.' Dipika's face was swollen and Vinay could not afford to offend her. So he left with Deepika after the class was over.

It was only after reaching there that he came to know that two years ago Deepika's father and brother had died in a road accident. Mother found it difficult to run the house with her father's pension, so Deepika started teaching tuitions after her studies. If the brother was alive, it would have been almost equal to Vinay at this time. But since then Deepika has handled both the house and outside in such a way that the mother does not suffer. But still, neither Deepika nor anyone else could remove the pain caused by the death of her husband and young son.

Another look of Deepika was in front of Vinay. He never considered her so responsible. Till now, the image of Deepika in his mind was that of a talented girl with a rebellious nature.

Gradually Vinay's visit to Deepika's house increased. Deepika would often take her home on the pretext of her mother and her mother would pour so much love on Vinay that Vinay would start missing his mother.

Vinay was now looking for an opportunity to speak his mind to Deepika.

By the next year, Deepika did her B.Tech. and she will complete M.Tech. After getting a job, he can think of marriage. If he goes home this time, he will also talk to his parents in this regard.

But in the meantime, something happened that Vinay got confused about.

'Yesterday mother called you.'

'But why?'

'I do not know! Ask your mother.

This nature of Deepika would sometimes hurt Vinay. Once he did not feel like it, but the next day he reached Deepika's house in the evening after being subdued by the mind.

'It's the too late son. How long have I been waiting for you?' Hearing the affectionate voice of the mother, his anger cooled down.

And what happened after that, for unexpected modesty, in no time Deepika and Monica sat down in front of him carrying a plate of pooja. Along with Roli-Tika, Rakhi threads were also kept in the plate.

Vinay felt as if he was dreaming. What kind of game is this being played with? 'What are you thinking son.' Mother's voice rang in his ears.

'Deepika used to say that she is exactly like a brother, so I could not believe it, but soon, the day you came home for the first time, I felt that my Kishan is sitting in front. Same face, same habits.' Tears started flowing from his eyes as he said it.

Vinay was like samadhi. He was not in a position to hear anything even after hearing it.

You know Deepika. How rude of nature, but seeing you, she too…….

So that's why Deepika came close to him and that idiot thought something else. What will he do now? What to say that he should not be anyone's brother. He loves Deepika! Vinay thought a lot but could not say. Monica and Dipika tied rakhi in his hand and made his face sweet. He went on doing everything under the control of circumstances like a wet.

Why did he not remember that today is Rakshabandhan? Maybe also because he didn't have a sister. That's why he never understood the importance of this festival.

When the mother requested to go for food in the evening, she silently agreed. Everyone in the house was looking very happy. Seeing Vinay silent, Monica twice asked the reason for his sadness, but if Vinay had an answer, he would have given it.

When I came back to the hostel, I saw that Deepak was not in the room. Quietly turning off the lights, he lay down. What did he think and what happened. What will he do now? Will he be able to face Deepika tomorrow?

There was a thought that from yesterday, we should reduce the interaction with Deepika. Will he be able to maintain the dignity of the sacred relationship that Deepika has made with him? If after this his mind goes into feelings for Deepika in some weak moments, then he will never be able to forgive himself. Anyways a few more months here, will somehow bite and never come back to this city again. Yes, that would be fine.

But the next moment he remembered the love floating in the eyes of Deepika, Monica and their mother.

'If Kishan was alive, the son would have been equal to you. Your words, your face, and face match my Kishan so much that you yourself will not believe it' - and mother had picked up Kishan's photo from inside. When she saw the photo, she found the mother's words to be true, she found a lot in common with Kishan's photo and her face.

Tears were flowing from her eyes and Deepika, who never allowed herself to be weak, ran to another room to hide the tears in her eyes.

Should he lose such a loving relationship because of his one little weakness? In today's environment where only one's own blood relations are betrayed, it would be his fortune to have such a holy relationship at that time.

Thinking about both situations, Vinay did not know when he fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, there was determination in my mind. He was feeling at ease with the decision taken in his mind.

Today being a Sunday was a holiday. Getting ready early in the morning, Vinay went straight to Deepika's house via the market. Seeing Vinay suddenly at home, a wave of happiness ran on the faces of all the family members.

'Yesterday I did not know that my sisters are going to gift me such a beautiful relationship of love on Rakshabandhan. I had left empty-handed yesterday. And saying this, he put both the packets kept in his hand in Monica's hand.

'It was not needed, son, the depth of relationships is not measured by gifts, it is manifested by the feelings of the mind.'

'Okay, mom.' When I saw you for the first time, I remembered a lot of Bhaiya. When told to mother, she insisted on meeting you. We did not want to impose this relationship on you, but….. It was Deepika.

'Do not say this. I got two sisters as well as a loving mother.' There was firmness in Vinay's words as well as the feeling of the relationship changing in the mind. He was full of self-pity. All his pride was gone. The intoxication of youth that had hit him had vanished.



Alina saw that a stranger entered the office with an enchanting smile. Alina started looking at him without blinking eyelids. She had forgotten to see the person that today is her first day here and she is sitting in the office. Just started looking at him.

Alina of a middle family living in a small village, who always dreamed of growing up and progressing. Wanted to see them even after they were completed. But it was not easy, because the circumstances were not there. Still, after completing her village studies, she made up her mind to go out and spoke to her family members. The father sent her to the city despite the situation. Alina got wings as if. She walked the path of her dreams for her studies.

After coming to the big city, she started college. Alina was going to attract everyone's mind with things that suited her nature. She became a favorite of all by winning everyone's hearts with her charming smile. Alina completed college with a very good number. Now Alina used to think, just get a good job. Sometimes they say no, whatever they think in their mind, they also listen to the whole work. As soon as the college was completed, she was offered the same job, and she got the job of her dreams. Alina caught her train the other day and left for Mumbai. There was a wave of happiness in her mind as she was moving towards her destination. Arrived at the address mentioned in the morning on the second day, she was very happy.

The dreams she had dreamed were going to be fulfilled. Alina was sitting at her table. In such a time, Alina saw that a stranger entered the office with an enchanting smile. Alina started looking at him without blinking eyelids. She had forgotten to see the person that today is her first day here and she is sitting in the office. Just started looking at him. He felt as if his heart went out from him and went somewhere else and does not want to come back.

Alina finds out that the stranger is her boss's friend. She was shocked. After all, she was a middle-family girl. Alina was not able to forget that stranger even though she wanted to. The more she wanted to forget him, the more she started settling in her memories. Some time had passed on this matter. Alina was moving towards a big stage, touching the heights of life, but there was a shortage, so the love that she had lost her heart on seeing. SHe did not even try to know whether the person could love him or if he should be told about her love. With this misdeed, she was moving forward in her path.

The stranger who is at peace, he also gave his heart to Alina at the first glance. But when Vikash came to know that she belonged to a very hard-working middle-class family, he did not want to take her away from her or distract her, but always kept full knowledge about Alina.

Vikash also liked Alina on the other hand, but he too could not tell his heart somewhere thinking that Alina should not deviate from her path and misunderstand. But it is said that a true prayer made with a sincere heart never goes in vain. Finally, the day had come when God wanted to reconcile them.

Alina was very happy because her promotion party was kept from her office, but somewhere her mind was looking for that stranger. I wish he was also at this party. His mind was lost in thought somewhere. Then Alina sees that the same stranger is coming towards her with a bouquet of huge flowers. Vikash expressed his love for flowers. Alina's dream, which was on the eyelids for years, came true. She could not understand how to express her happiness. Today Vikash and Alina became one and a silent love won. 


Kavita made her mouth while cleaning the kitchen and two glasses, frightened by her attitude, fell down on the floor. The furious Kavita bent down, raised the glass, and dropped it on the sink in a nearly slamming manner.

Kavita was always unhappy, she was equally unhappy eleven years ago when her brother told her that the relationship was fixed in this house. Poetry did not like bondage like this at all. Then when she came to know that her future groom has his own business, so She will have to live with his parents in the ancestral home. Her mind had become rebellious. she had a lot of arguments with her dear friend Mamta. Mamta did not agree with her rebellion and was advising her that at the age of thirty, without the parents' poem, if such an ideal relationship is being served on the plate, then refusing it will be like luck. Turn your back

The distraction of the Kavita was the same. The effect of Mamta's talk was that Kavita considered her as her enemy for a long time. she also suspected that his brother had taught Mamta that she should explain it to her and extinguish it.

So! For how long would the goat's mother celebrate well? After two weeks, Kavita had to agree to the relationship. After that, in the hustle and bustle, Bhaiya got the Muhurta out only after fifteen days and after marrying the sweet matchmaking, Kavita became Mrs. Gunjan Sharma.

The day then and today's day are just a janjal. Kavita put tea leaves in the boiling water and her fingers started groping the box which contained the favorite tea masala of mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Mother, after giving tea to Babuji, returned to her room in a cloaked modesty. Taking a sip of tea, she reminded her daughter that it was time for maths coaching. The daughter left for coaching after eating milk and biscuits and Kavita called her husband Gunjan and asked something and when the answer was yes, Kavita informed her mother-Babuji and came out with her pre-packaged bag. The child was about eight to ten years old and he too sat on the full seat.

Kavita's mind was emotional and sensitive, so after waiting for five to ten minutes, she went ahead and asked her co-traveler about the child's illness. The question of the Kavita was so true that the woman narrated her Ram-Katha Kavita in detail all along the way.

That woman belonged to a good house, but due to a little free-spirited attitude, she left her 12th class and came to Jabalpur here after running away from Poona in the guise of love with a young man and within a few months the bitter truth of life started coming to the fore. After two years of marriage, the situation became such that the husband on whom she had sacrificed everything ended his life after losing due to financial constraints. Then she remained ie Leela and her little son. Had to bow down to the situation and start working in a mill to sort out some equipment etc. That's just how life went on. was getting cut. was passing.

But why would she have come here from Jabalpur to Surpura town ie Kavita's Pehar, this question was budding in the mind of the Kavita that the woman herself told that her son was a victim of some skin disease and here in Surpura a Vaidya gives free medical treatment? That's why the child has to be brought here once in two months.

After this, Kavita talked to him and some other things like his age were not much, then why did he not study and give any exam, why did he not try for any government job, etc. And Leela gave the answer to all this that his enthusiasm, desire Shakti had almost gone from wither, then it seemed that the day should be cut, this child should be born.

Kavita tied her courage and gave her husband's card and said that she would definitely get him some good work. Her father-in-law was associated with an organization that helps poor children to study, wear, eat and get jobs. Kavita assures Leela that she should not worry that her child will study very well and will also do a job.

The way was decided in talks. The bus stopped Saying goodbye to Leela, Kavita turned on her way and stopped to wait for an autorickshaw. Only a few seconds must have passed that she was stunned by the sound of hum. Her husband had come to pick her up. 

Keeping the bag in the trunk of the car, Kavita excitedly sat on the seat adjacent to the husband. Today the Kavita was chirping with full energy. On reaching home, she made sure of Leela's job and her child's treatment and education. What was wrong with Gunjan? He promised that within a week both these wishes of Kavita would be fulfilled.

Now it's home. The daughter and mother-in-law were walking at the gate itself. Due to not staying in Kavita's house for two days, the house had become completely deserted. Kavita had not even got down from the car that Gunjan held her wrist and said lovingly to her, so madam will you accept my request too? 

When Kavita said yes, Gunjan said in a sweet voice, "Now you will give up the stubbornness of going to Pehar by bus and go by car." Kavita readily agreed. With great affection left Gunjan's wrist and entered inside the house.

Within an hour the Kavita was back on its rhythm. There was radiance in the house again, but there was more shine on the face of Kavita. Suddenly a phone call came from his side. Putting her mobile in her ear, Kavita told her sister-in-law that she had reached her home comfortably. Today both Kavita and Gunjan were very happy. 

Kavita was happy and felt satisfied that because of her, Leela's difficulties in her life to come would definitely be less. Gunjan also understood that Kavita was happy, but she was happier that on the pretext of Leela, Kavita would no longer be angry with her household and luck.

Amiron Ki Garibi

Shalu didi dressed in a two lac lehenga designed by Ritu Beri, decked out in various jewels, was hosting guests for her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. If anyone would have praised her for this hospitality, she would not forget to mention that this is a lehenga designed by Ritu Beri.

Why not even bother! God wrote Ars in the fate of one of the two sisters, and the floor in the fate of the other. Perhaps Neelu was associated with all the realities and morals of life because of the fate associated with the floor. Where Shalu's husband was in such a position, where Lakshmi's arrival was less from the front and more than the back door. On the other hand, Neelu's husband was a great teacher, whose salary, according to Munshi Premchand's statement, was only on the full moon day, which would turn into a new moon by the end of the month. It was fortunate that even the full moon does not take long to arrive, it would have come on time.

After the anniversary program was over, it was time for the guests to leave. Then Shalu from the crowd took Neelu's hand and took her to a room. There she pointed to a box and said to Neelu, “There are many saris I got from relatives here, which were not of my standard, so I did not wear them. Take out a little from these saris and keep it for my guests i.e. Devrani, Jethani, Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law, whatever they deserve.

Neelu was shocked. Gave so many millionaires and farewell guests with saris received from relatives? So! Big things from big people.

Neelu opened the box and started sorting the sarees. Suddenly a light-colored chiffon sari came in her hand. This sari seemed familiar to her. She took him in her hand and started looking back. Then she was surprised. He had remembered everything. She was lifting the sari and putting it on her chest when Shalu Di came into the room.

She said in trembling words, “Shalu di, this sari…” She could not even finish her word that Shalu di said, “Yes, keep this light-colored sari for Sulochana didi, she is a widow, fine for her. Will stay." Saying Shalu Di left the room.

Neelu became lifeless and sat down with the sari on her chest. His mother's face swelled in front of his eyes and his eyes became moist.

Two years ago, due to a serious illness like cancer, the mother had to live with either of the sisters, as her brother was still young. Seeing all the amenities, the mother had also decided to stay near Shalu Di. This was also justified because Neelu did not have such facilities or the staff of government servants. Also, her children were still very young.

But Neelu had come to meet her mother. While coming to meet she had brought a chiffon sari, which her mother liked very much. She was also very happy wearing a sari. Seeing her mother's happiness and choice, Neelu had couriered another sari to her as soon as she came home. But the very next day after getting the courier, the mother had passed away. She could not even wear a sari.

A few days after her mother's passing, Neelu wept and asked Shalu Di, "Didi, what did you do with that sari? Mother could not even wear it.

Shalu Di's reply was, "I donated it to Panditji at mother's funeral."

But Neelu can never forget that sari in life, which she chose for her mother for the last time. It was the same saree.

Then Shalu came into the room and started carrying each sari, to bid farewell to the guests.

Neelu, looking at Shalu Di with pity on her mother's sari, started thinking, 'Poor Shalu Di, don't know where and how many times she has become poor from her conscience, then she has got this richness.